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Tournament waters will be off limits to pre-fishing beginning the Thursday before the Saturday tournament. No boating or fishing is allowed during this time. 


Launch will be determined by the time of year, and at safe light. For 2020, all tournaments February through April will launch at 7am. Tournaments in May-September will launch at 6am. 

Please arrive to the ramp at least 45 minutes prior to launch to prepare your vessel and equipment, and pay your entry fee. Entry fees can be paid directly to the tournament directors.


Once all boats are in the water, the tournament director will announce the start of the event, end time, and weigh in location. All tournaments will end at 3:30pm, regardless of launch time.




All boats are expected back at the ramp by 3:30pm. The tournament director will have a weigh in area set up, and you can proceed to weigh your fish. 



Results will be announced at the completion of weigh in, and payouts distributed accordingly.


Results and payouts will be posted on this site the day after the event. Results will also be posted on weighfish.com.