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  1. Participation in Rippin’ Lips Open Series bass tournaments is open to the general public in the 2020 calendar year. The purpose of this series is to encourage new anglers to participate and build a strong group of support for local tournament bass fishing. Teams can consist of one or two boaters fishing from one boat. 

  2. Only the use of electric motors will be allowed. The maximum voltage allowed on any single motor will be thirty six (36) volts. All boaters will be asked to remove any motor over 36 volts from their vessel if planning to participate in an RLOS event. No exceptions. 

  3. All participants must possess a valid Virginia fishing license.

  4. A one-time per season $10 membership fee will be charged for all individuals participating. The fee will be collected by the tournament director or tournament director’s assignee upon the FIRST tournament fished prior to launch. The membership fee will be used by the tournament director to purchase plaques/trophies for the Classic tournament, end of season cookout, and supplies for conducting tournaments.

  5. A boater/team must fish at least 5 qualifying tournaments to be eligible to fish the Classic tournament. Qualifying tournaments are considered any regularly scheduled tournaments.

  6. All participants may practice up to two (2) days before the scheduled tournament. Example: if the tournament is scheduled on a Saturday at Diascund Reservoir, participants may not fish that body of water Thursday or Friday.  In addition, no participant shall launch their vessel to ‘look’ at the specified body of water two days prior to the tournament.





  1. The tournament dates will be decided by the tournament director. All tournaments will start at the pre-scheduled times unless there is sufficient reason to delay the tournament. Examples of sufficient reasons would be: lighting, thunder, fog, congestion at the boat ramp.

    1. The tournament director reserves the right to delay, shorten, or cancel the start of the tournament due to dangerous weather conditions. The tournament may be cancelled (even after the tournament has started) because of bad weather or other factors that would endanger the safety of participants.

  1. Allow ample time to launch your boat into the water on tournament mornings. Do not expect the ramp to be empty when you arrive. The tournament director will not delay the start of the tournament if a boater arrives less than 10 minutes before the launch and cannot get his boat in the water before takeoff. If you are running late, check in with the tournament director as soon as you arrive.

  1. Prior to launch, the tournament director or assignee will check the live well in each boat that will be entering the tournament. Please leave your live well lid open to signal that your boat needs to be checked.

  2. The blast-off and check-in point will generally be the same, and will be decided by the tournament director prior to each tournament. Please listen for this announcement on tournament day.




  1. The entry fee per tournament will be fifty dollars ($50.00) per team, per tournament. CASH will be the only method of payment accepted.

    1. Prior to the start of each tournament, a representative from each boat/team shall coordinate with the tournament director and pay their fee. The deadline for boater/team entry will be 15 minutes prior to launch time. 

    2. Tournament entry fees, once received by the tournament director or tournament director’s assignee, will be non-refundable unless a reasonable circumstance prevents the team from participating in that particular event. Decisions regarding refunds will be at the sole discretion of the tournament director.  

  2. There will be an optional “Big Fish” entry fee per tournament of ten dollars ($10.00) per boat. The calculation of biggest fish per tournament will be based on weight, and will consider all fish weighed in at each tournament. 




  1. Every boat used for tournaments must be equipped with the basic safety equipment required by the State of Virginia, U.S. Coast Guard, and local reservoirs.

  2. Only artificial lures may be used. No “live bait” or “prepared bait” may be used. Trolling for fish is strictly prohibited.

  3. Live wells must have either functioning flow through systems or functioning aerators and must be capable of sustaining the anticipated number and size of fish in good condition. Ropes, stringers, or other devices are prohibited.

  4. A team can consist of one person or two people, with a max of two people per team. If one member of a team cannot fish a particular tournament, the other member of the team shall fish the tournament as the team. There will be no penalty if someone cannot fish a particular tournament.

  5. A distance of 100 feet of any boat anchored with its trolling motor in the stored position must be maintained by all boaters/teams for the duration of the tournament. The 100’ limit can be waived only by consent of both teams involved.

  6. All teams shall leave and return to the official tournament site dock by boat. In the event of a boat breakdown, either one or both partners may take their fish, get into a boat operated by another team, and return to check-in. Trailering of boats during tournament hours and re-launch prior to check-in is prohibited unless prior approval of the tournament director is obtained. A team may not refuse to allow another teams partner or partners to transport them and their fish to check-in. Both teams should make every attempt possible to keep their fish alive – if it is feasible to tow the broken down boat and the teams are not at risk of being late for weigh-in, this is the preferred method. Any penalties for arriving late to check-in as a result of assisting a broken-down boat will be determined solely by the tournament director. All circumstances will be taken into consideration when rendering a decision of penalty in this situation. Every effort will be made to enable every team to weigh-in their fish.




  1. Only bass caught on the day of the tournament may be presented for weigh-in. Except as otherwise directed by the tournament director or required by law, the daily “creel” limit shall be five (5) bass per team which measure 12 inches or longer in length on the longest straight line.

  2. All fish must be caught on a hook and line in a conventional sporting manner. Each participant may fish with only one rod, however, you may carry more than one rod on your boat.

  3. Tournament standings and final winners shall be determined by the total combined weight (pounds and ounces) of each team. In the event of a tie, standings will be determined by the team with the single heaviest fish.

  4. Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie between two teams, the format for a tie breaker will be as follows.

    1. Five fish limit

    2. Largest fish in the creel

    3. Number of live fish presented at weigh in

    4. Flip of a coin (The winning team will be encouraged to split the pot with the contending team. Although this will not be enforced, it will be suggested and implied as the right thing to do)




  1. A four (4) ounce penalty shall be deducted from the total weight for each dead fish presented for weigh in.

  2. Any fish altered (after being caught) which enhances the weight or circumvents tournament slot limits will not be allowed and will be grounds for immediate team or boater disqualification as decided by the tournament director.

  3. Each bass which does not measure at least 12 inches shall result in deduction of the team’s largest fish from its total score for the tournament. If a second short bass is presented, the team’s second largest fish shall be deducted from the total score, and so on and so forth. Short fish will be discarded and their weight will not contribute to a team’s score.

  4. A contestant may not allow any bass caught by him/her to be counted on the score of a different team, nor may a team present for weigh in any bass caught by a person not a part of that team.

  5. Any violation of the rules or regulations of Rippin’ Lips Open Series, except those where penalties are assessed, are grounds for immediate disqualification as determined by the tournament director. All local, state, and federal regulations are to be observed at all times and are expected to be understood by each boater/team who chooses to participate in this series. Violation of any prevailing statute or regulation will result in immediate disqualification as determined by the tournament director.


  1. PROTEST: All protests shall be made to the tournament director within 15 minutes following close of scales. Protest need not be in writing, but a written protest will reduce any confusion. The decision of the tournament director on assessment or no assessment of penalties or disqualification shall be final.

  2. Late arrival at the check-in point in the afternoon shall result in a penalty of one pound per minute late which will be deducted from the team’s total weight for the day. Any boater/team arriving more than 10 minutes late shall lose all weight credit for that tournament. If a boater/team is late, but less than 10 minutes late, that participant will still be allowed to weigh in their Big Fish.








  1. No alcohol or drugs may be consumed during tournament hours.

  2. All participants competing in tournaments are expected to act in a sportsman like manner at all times towards non-participants and participants alike. Violators of this rule will be disqualified.

  3. The violation of any rule, as determined by the tournament director, shall result in automatic disqualification from the tournament and ineligibility of prizes or awards.

  4. Safe boating shall be observed at all times.