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Beaverdam Reservoir 3.18.23

BDR 3.18.23.jpg

Chick Lake 4.15.23

CL 4.15.23.jpg

Western Branch 4.29.23

WB 4.29.23.jpg

Little Creek Reservoir 5.6.23

LCR 5.6.23.jpg

Beaverdam Reservoir 5.20.23

BDR 5.23.23.jpg



March tournaments will launch at 7:00 AM. April & August tournaments will launch at 6:00AM.  June & July Tournaments will launch at 5:30 AM First safe light will take precedence for all posted launch times. Check-in will be at 3:30pm for all tournaments, except for those in June and July.

Weigh-in will begin15 minutes after Check-In.

Registration will be open up to 2 hours prior to launch at every event location. Please look for the tournament directors area upon arrival at ramp. 

Registration cut off is 15 minutes before launch. 

If you experience a situation where you cannot make it to registration by 6:45am but still plan to fish, it is your responsibility to contact the tournament director(s) immediately. RLOS will allow a 30 minute grace window at tournament directors.

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